Brand Strategy & Brand Creation: Tell your story with Totem

What is your Brand Essence?
Before developing your Brand Strategy, before thinking about Brand Creation, you need to know who your brand is. Because your brand is more than your product and it’s more than your company.

It’s emotional. It’s intuitive. It’s the ‘gut feeling’ that those who encounter it experience. It’s your story.

Our first step in helping you develop your brand, is to help you define what makes you unique. To answer the question… what is your Brand Essence?

Developing your Brand Strategy
Once you know what makes you unique, you can start to develop the brand strategies that tell that story. To create those experiences and engagements that build meaningful branding. That connect with people on an emotional level and help you stand out.

We’ll help you deliver brand marketing strategies that intrigue, inspire and influence. That connect people with your story.

Brand Creation that tells your story
And then pencil hits paper. Whether it’s building your brand identity from scratch, or reviewing and refreshing your existing brand, we can help bring your story to life.

From logo design, to your product name, to your wider brand identity, we’ll create the visual language that best communicates you. A visual language of colors, images, fonts and shapes that combine to ignite emotions and create memories.

We’re a brand design agency that care about your brand as if it were our own. Your success is our success.

Call us today to find out how TOTEM can help with your brand development strategy and drive lasting results for your organisation.



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