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Inspiring Print Communications
Do you want to do more than just inform your customers with your print communications? Do you want to inspire them?

In a world that has become increasingly dominated by online materials, a well-designed printed annual report or brochure design still has the power to turn heads, create impact and build connections with your customers.

From annual reports to sales reports; from sales brochures to newsletters – whatever the sales aid, we can help you design print communications that inspire.

Developing your Print Communications
A picture paints a thousand words. At TOTEM we are visual storytellers and we can help you communicate your key information in the most compelling ways. From graphically communicating key financial information in sales reports and annual reports, to inspiring imagery in newsletters and brochure designs – we’ll create print communications that make a lasting impression.

Print Materials that make a lasting impression.
We are tactile beings and when it comes to print every aspect of production is important. We’ll help you choose the right formats, the right paper finish and weight and we’ll help you select the print techniques that best allow you to deliver impactful print communications in the most cost-effective way.

We’re a design agency that, at our heart, are visual storytellers and we’re passionate about all things print.

Call us today to find out how TOTEM can help with your print communications and making a lasting impression with your customers.



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