Fresenius Kabi Ireland is a subsidiary of the Fresenius Kabi global health care group. One of their product ranges, the Fresubin 2 Kcal Crème range, is targeted around tackling Vitamin D deficiency in Ireland with a single pot containing 62% of the Daily Recommend Amount.

Their objective was to help educate the healthcare industry of the surprisingly high levels of Vitamin D deficiency in Ireland, especially in our elderly population, and the effects that insufficient levels can have on the individual.

They also were eager to understand what level of knowledge the market had of the issue and to gain insights around the level of understanding the Physicians & Dieticians had of the benefits of the Fresubin range versus competing products.


At TOTEM solving problems and driving innovation are at the core of what we do. And a new product we were launching seemed the perfect fit to achieve Fresenius Kabi’s objectives.

We developed an impactful, interactive HTML5 presentation, built to sit on an iPad App called MI Touch by IMS Health.

Presented on the iPad the Physicians & Dieticians had the chance to reveal answers to questions and input data by moving dials and gauges throughout the slides. Based on interactive questions the presentation continued with different slides.

To focus in on key areas the sales rep could just tap different parts of the screen to both enlarge and light up the sections creating a very impactful experience.

The innovative format allowed Fresenius Kabi to personalise the information and allow the healthcare professional focus on the benefits that were of interest to them. They could tailor information based on their existing level of awareness.

Information about the user journey and answers to questions were then collated and synced to the MI Touch platform. By employing this new digital tool, it became easy to track interactions with individual Physicians & Dieticians – including valuable data on behaviours, preferences, and objections.

Once compiled and synthesised, this data could then be fed back to marketing to enable customisation and personalisation of future promotional activities.

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Visual Gif for Fresubin® 2kcal Créme



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