We work with ASK Direct, a direct marketing fundraising agency that helps some of Ireland’s most exciting charities and non-profit organisations to raise money and recruit supporters. One of their clients is MS Ireland. And MS Read-a-thon is their long established community/schools fundraising event and a key plank in it’s fundraising programme. Over the last few years, MS Read-a-thon has been in decline. 2015 was targeted to change this trend. The main target group are primary school children aged 7 to 10. However, the creative approach over the last number of years seemed to be geared at a much younger audience, feeling more appropriate for pre-school or infants. The second, key target audience are teachers. They are there to encourage the children, and guide them. The creative needed to show how simple it was to sign up, that it wouldn’t take too much time, and it would benefit both the students and the school. Our challenge was to redesign the MS Read-a-thon campaign so that it matches the visual vernacular of 7 to10 year olds, while at the same time conveying the joy of reading.


Our concept was “Open up a World of Wonder”. We wanted to show that regardless of a child’s interest, there is a book that can capture their imagination. And it is their mind’s eye that subjectively creates this new wondrous world, and visualises the strange and marvellous characters that live there. To capture this concept we photographed children from the target age group, having fun reading. They are immediately surrounded by various different illustrated characters that fly out from the books, creating a magical and exciting atmosphere. We chose Sarah Bowie to illustrate these strange and wonderful characters like our mysterious mascot, Wiggins! Her contemporary yet whimsical style enhances the enchantment. The MS Read-a-thon gives children the chance to re-discover their joy of reading. Our design meets the challenges and extends the invitation to explore faraway places, and learn new things in a playful and endearing way.



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